Probate services for resident and non-residents

Spanish inheritance tax is levied on the worldwide assets of resident individuals (double tax relief may be applicable) and on all Spanish assets of non-resident individuals.

We can help our clients take care of all the necessary steps to deal with the relevant taxes as well the transfer of ownership of the assets when they have been inherited.

Generally, it is necessary to ascertain the following:

  • Assets owned in Spain (e.g. property, bank balances, investments, etc.)
  • Whether there is a valid Spanish will
  • Whether there is a valid foreign will covering the assets in Spain
  • If there is no valid will, ascertain who is entitled to the assets
  • Whether the inheritors hold a Spanish NIE number

We often assist foreign probate solicitors who may be dealing with the inheritance worldwide or assist the family directly during the allocation of the estate. Probate in Spain entails the following:

  • Transferring the ownership of the assets to the inheritors by public deed
  • Preparation and filing of the inheritance tax return and payment of taxes
  • Registering the change of ownership with the relevant bodies (property registry, traffic authorities, banks, etc.)

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