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Our Work

Every new client receives a welcome book

For new clients we produce a welcome book with all the information we consider relevant to our clients. This document tells the client about our firm and the way we work.

In addition, our welcome letter also clarifies the details of the engagement that has been assigned to us to ensure that both the firm and the client’s expectations are mutually agreed.

We drive the engagement through anticipation

We work in a proactive way by:

  • visiting our clients if necessary
  • requesting information and documentation regularly
  • providing you with estimates of future tax obligations
  • keeping you informed of progress
  • advising you of changes in legislation and environment
We may say no

We may decline to perform the work we are being asked to do if:

  • we feel we are not able to do the work requested to a high standard
  • we have not received the necessary information or documentation
  • what you are asking us is not in line with our ethical guidelines
We share responsibilities

We are committed to delivering an excellent service, however on most occasions we need the support of our clients to allow us to do so.

We always meet our objectives provided that the necessary documents and information have been duly received within the required time to allow us to perform our work.

We go to our clients

We like to visit clients instead of asking them to visit us. This is because we believe that by coming into contact with our client’s environment, we are able to better understand their business and thus become better advisors. Further meetings can either continue at our client’s premises, or alternatively be held at our own premises, conveniently located in Centro de Negocios Puerta de Banus

Our Calendar

Much of the work we do is subject to the needs of our clients therefore we are able to meet their demands regardless of timing.

However, a major characteristic of doing business in Spain is that both individuals and companies face considerable administrative burdens. Particularly when trying to comply with the minimum requirements set out by the Spanish tax authorities and the companies register. The previous section provided an overview of the likely compliance obligations our clients are likely to face.

It is due to this high number of obligations that sometimes, both businesses and accountants face difficulties to keep up, and bottle necks can occur when trying to comply with all the compulsory requirements.

We believe that this increased burden as compared to other countries can and must be managed appropriately. As stated in our aims section, we place great importance on meeting deadlines and to achieve this we have implemented an effective working calendar which is integral to the delivery of our promise.

Furthermore, we consider that it is our role to help you manage the cash flows of your business by advising you in advance of your future tax obligations.

We will help and expect our clients to adhere to this calendar and it is for this reason that we consider essential that you are aware of it from the moment you join our firm.

Our annual compliance cycle
is approximately as follows:

Every month
We receive or collect the monthly information and documentation for each month during the first week of the following month. This ensures that we have all relevant information in time to allow any processing and preparation of those tax returns with a short period between the end of the reporting period and the submission deadline.
Every month
We ensure that all information relevant to the prior year has been received for all our clients.
For companies and sole traders, we perform all year end procedures and produce the relevant draft accounts and tax obligation estimates.
These drafts are then discussed with our clients and approved if no further amendments are deemed necessary. This approval should allow clients to know their annual tax payable in advance, providing corporate clients with approximately 3 months’ notice, and private individuals with 2 months’ notice. For private individuals, we prepare a draft personal income tax return based on the information received.
May and June
Presentation of personal income tax returns.
Presentation of corporation tax returns and filing of annual financial statements.
October and November
Pre year end meetings with clients to ensure all new developments during the year will be addressed as part of the year end procedures

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