Our Aims

Anglo-Spanish Chartered Accountants

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Our Aims

These are the objectives we have set for our firm and our work; as such we expect our performance to be assessed in relation to these aims.


To provide our clients with awesome service

It is not very often you find a person who raves about the level of service they receive from their accountant. We aim to offer a level of service which is well above what people are used to as we pride ourselves not only in the quality of our work but also on the way we deliver it.


To produce work which is high in quality

We set high standards for the technical accuracy and quality of the work we produce. We only accept the engagement if we believe we can provide the service to a high standard.


To clarify and exceed our clients’ expectations

Our AimsThere are two elements to a good working relationship between our clients and our people.

Firstly, it is essential that the expectations are clarified and misunderstandings are avoided, we do this by whenever possible confirming what has been agreed in writing.

Secondly, we aim to exceed the expectations agreed to ensure that our clients perceive added value in our contribution to their business and or finances.


To always meet deadlines

We work in a methodical and organised manner, and for that reason we aim to always meet the deadlines that have been agreed with our clients.


To work proactively and not reactively

We take control of the engagement by thinking ahead and anticipating to the future needs of our work and our clients.

We contact our clients to remind them of key dates coming up or requesting information well ahead to ensure unnecessary late minute pressures are avoided.

We normally provide our clients with estimates of their future tax obligations with at least 3 months notice for income and corporation tax.

We also aim to regularly inform them of the potential VAT obligations due given the information supplied.


To provide good value for money

The high standards we have set for ourselves need not lead to higher cost for our clients when compared with other firms. We maintain our overheads under strict controls; therefore we can afford to charge lower standard hourly rates.


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